The Italian American Opera Foundation’s ambition to create a cultural bridge between Italy and the United States has led to the first ever sister city agreement between the City of Dana Point in Orange County, Calfornia and the City of Viterbo in Italy that hosts the succesfull Tuscia Operafestival.

The Sister City agreement aims at strenghtening the cultural and commercial relationships between Italy and the United States and particularly promoting cultural and touristic activities  between the two cities.

The agreement has already sparked the interest of many Italian governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGO) that are officially backing the project, as well as the creation of a formal Non-Profit  Organization to raise awareness and funds for the Italian American Opera Festival promoted  by the City of Dana Point.

Orange County, a strategic location half way between Los Angeles County and  San Diego County, lost its Opera House in the Fall of 2008 due to lack of funding.

The Italian America Opera Foundation sees with the Italian Opera Festival the opportunity to bring back Opera to a community that has a true passion and shows great support for the arts.